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Truth about Adventist "Truth" eBook. Works on Kindle, The 10 main problems of Seventh-day Adventism Gospel Transformation is an in-depth study of the gospel. It shows how focusing on and affirming the many in-Christ truths is the path to personal victory.
Truth about Adventist "Truth" eBookGospel Transformation, ebook format

Truth about Adventist “Truth” is a summary of what the author believes to be the ten main problems of Adventist teaching and practice. Many evangelicals have little understanding of the unbiblical, even cultic, nature of Adventism.

I am more enthusiastic about Gospel Transformation than any book I have written for it deals with the very core of Christian faith and life.



Bible Answers to Sabbath Questions

Bible Answers to Sabbath Questions is the copyrighted pre-publication version of Dr. Verle Streifling’s comprehensive new book on the topic of the Sabbath.