Bible Answers to Sabbath Questions

Bible Answers to Sabbath Questions is the copyrighted pre-publication version of Dr. Streifling’s comprehensive new book on the topic of the Sabbath. It is still not yet in its final form. It will be emailed to those who purchase it. This 470 page work on the Sabbath lets the Bible define its terms as creative days, God's resting, the one law, etc. It examines the alleged NT support for the Sabbath, using valid hermeneutics to evaluate its continuance for New Covenant Christians, with unique insights to Hebrews 3 & 4. Appendixes deal with Rome and the Decalogue, Dr. Walter Martin and the SDAs, and how we were 'boxed into' NT Sabbatizing through question-framing methods. Dr. Streifling also responds to Dr. S. Bacchiocchi's "Sabbath under Crossfire". Those who purchase this will be emailed chapter files starting with the introduction through the appendix. The cost is $10.00. You will have to print it out on your computer. The files are in MS Word format. You will have to promise not to copy this material, post it on any web site, or email the files to another person or computer. To order, click on "Bookstore".

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