My Cup Overflows pdf eBook

  The book you are about to read is more than a fascinating story of God’s leading a girl and boy from mere childhood through 50—and counting—years of committed marriage. Carolyn remembers well the early attraction she had for Dale and Dale for Carolyn. During their high school years the teachers repeated to them the words of the then popular song, “The Said We’re Too Young to Be In Love”. (Check exact words)  Both Carolyn and Dale took this advice as the leading of the Lord. Yes, perhaps at that time they were to young to make lasting commitments, but as the story unfolds the reader will discover that this was a relationship—dare we say—that was a “God thing”. Carolyn weaves into this romantic story their joint search for biblical truth that led them into deep heart searching, a crisis of faith and a decision to follow truth regardless of consequences. They took the proverbial “leap of faith” well knowing they might lose house, lands, financial security, and social standing in their large group of friends. It was not an easy road they trod but the reader will see that at the end of the road, God’s promises of care, provision and protection can be trusted even during times when they cried out saying, “God, where are you?”

My Cup Overflows pdf eBook
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