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Thousands of former Seventh-day Adventists who have made the transition to the simple gospel of Christ and have become Bible-only believers have expressed to us the joy of the freedom they experience in Christ. They have a deep desire to help free others from the bondage of Adventism. Seeking to promote change we want to be kind to our “mother church”, yet we must be open and honest in facing the errors that are embedded in Adventism. From our perspective it appears that the Adventist church is like a chameleon. In its public relations it seeks to appear as a mainstream Christian church. Yet in the latter stages of most Adventist evangelism or doctrinal teaching, it teaches that the Seventh-day Adventist church is the “remnant church of Bible prophecy” and that the seventh-day Sabbath is the seal of God that all true believers must have in order to escape the seven last plagues. It teaches that the Catholic Church is the harlot in the book of Revelation and that Protestant churches which worship on Sunday are the “daughters of Babylon”, and in the last days all true Christians are to be called out of churches which worship on Sunday so they will not receive the mark of the beast.


Today there is a virtual mandate that evangelicals not only understand the errors of Adventism, but learn how to minister to the approximately 470,000 Adventists who leave the SDA church every year, according to a recent report from the upcoming General Conference to be held in San Antonio, TX in July, 2015. In another report we understand that for every 100 members coming into the church, 43 are leaving.[1] The Adventist church is growing rapidly in third world countries, but we understand that it is declining in many areas of North America. Why is this? Generally, with some exceptions, people in the third world do not have thorough training in hermeneutics or easy access to the multitude of documents that comprise the jaded history of the Adventist church. On the other hand, in North America there is a rapidly growing amount of evidence both in writing, on a multitude of internet sites, YouTube presentations, and downloadable eBooks.


It is our prayer that this little book will be a useful first step in helping evangelicals to discover the real Adventism that is often hidden in their public relations.





Truth about Adventist "Truth" eBook. Works on Kindle, The 10 main problems of Seventh-day Adventism
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