White Washed

This is the newly revised printing of White Washed with one new chapter entitled,"Do God’s True Prophets Take Advice From the Dead?" is a comprehensive look at Ellen G. White's prophecies, practices and publications. Sydney Cleveland examines her claims of inspiration, her dreams and visions, the doctrines she endorsed, her personal practices which opposed her teachings, and the effects of her claims on the Adventist church. This book is a well-documented overview of the little known realty about Ellen White and her long service in the Adventist church. Sydney Cleveland was a fourth generation Seventh-day Adventist and served as a pastor in the Adventist church for eleven years. He began to see many inconsistencies in relating the writings of Ellen G. White to the Bible and left the church in 1990. Most Adventists have no idea of the many contradictions between the writings of Ellen G, White and the Bible. Many do not want to know. However, for those who are seeking truth at all costs this is a well documented, "must read" book. Here you will find insights into Seventh-day Adventist history that are not taught in Adventist schools.

White Washed
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